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another big week for politics.whattdemocrats will convention.... on fox 45 news at 3 3 3
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3 just two days before the democratic national convention is set to begin... republicans and democrats speak out about
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election issues. as cristina mutchler explains... vice president biden campaigned in pennsylvania and wisconsin... and president obama continued his "road to charlotte" tour... which takes him through colorado and louisiana before the final top in north carolina. 3 with d-n-c ppeparatioos in full swing, his week, it's all about the democrats. downtown charlotte, north the convention. meanwhile, advisers to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. when he took office shortly after his inauguration, he said in an interview that if he didn't around in three years his presidency would be a one-term proposition, and the economy has not turned around. n tampa, we aw nothing but tired old ideas. in charlotte, the president is going toofocus on a plan to provide the middle-class in this country some necessary and needed security y investing in research and
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innovation, and sttengthening the middle-ccass. president pbama-- winding down his "road to charlotte" tour -- sunday. those ideas did not work then, they did not work now, they did not create jobs, they did not cut the deficit, they did not strengthen middle class, they are not a plan to move this country forward, and we believe in something better while campaiining in pennsylvania, vice president bidenntook aim at the romney campaign's five point economic won't grow the economy, ittdidn't do it before. folks we seen this movie beffre and ww know how it ends.preeident obama will make his final stop in charloott -- and hold his bii d-n-c speech at the bank of america stadium thursday night. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. governor martin o'malley has been a regular on sunday political talk shows... going on the attack against mitt -ro
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obama.but on sunday... he had a bit of a diiferent tone. here's a listen in to what he said on "face the nation"... 3 "iithink that's important to remember-let me just ask you then, can you honestly say that people are bettee off today than they weee four years ago?no, but that's not the question of this election." election."for the latest stooiis about the race for the white house... visit our website.just go to fox- baltimore dot com... anddclick on "vote 2012" in the hot topics section at the top of the screen. ssrveillance video showing a prince george's county police officer assaulting a 19-year-old man... contradicts the officers veesion of the what happened. áryan dormá spent almost 4 months in jail aftee corporal assaulted him in february. but if you look closely... the video shows dorm walking away as officers aaproached him from behind... then hittiig dorm in the head with a gun. dorm says he and his friend were only getting snacks from a local gas station. but the officer says they looked suspicious because ádorm'sá
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friend was wearing a ski mask. "he didn't just assault my client and viooate he civil to write false charges against - my client." client."corpprrl taylor... has ow been indicted and goes to s trial in novembbr. dorm has filed a 10-million-dollar lawsuit. prince george's county pplice return the murder scene where a 17-year-old girl was gunned down... in search of new clues. clues.amber stanley as shot dozens of police recruits looked through the grass, that looked out of place. detectives also searched the rouue they believe he killer took after leaving the house. 3&"the ddy of the murder we &psearched trash cans, storm drains, we're searching more of those we're searching wooded area over here. we have infoomation that suggest that the suspect in this case left on foot down chartssy in this d" direction."police haven't background that wwuld lead to a motive.they are now offering
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a 25-thousand doolar reward to anyone with information. the cause of a deadly fire in east ballimore remains under investigation this morningg sparked around 6:30 laat night in a home on east north avenue... near collington avenue.the body of an lderly woman was found inside the house.another man broke his leg trying to save the woman from the fire. 3 -3 take time off his campaign... to visit areas hit hardest by hurricane isaac. isaac.laat week's storm left behind plenty of damage... and a big clean-up job.for some... they'll have to rebuild for when hurricane katrina hit. homeland security secretary janet napolitano visited the area on sunnay... speaking out to residents. we will stay until this pecovery is compllte. we are pere to be part of a team, part of the team heee in louisiana and make sure that
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rest, as soon as we can to all of those affected.we know that this is a big, big, tough storm. bbt we'll work through together.mitt romney visited the area on thousands of people are still waking up without power. some terrifying moments caught on camera... as an out-of-control monster truck comes crashing into the stands. natsit happened s saturday... at the "monster air 2012" show in onlookerrwas recording viddo of a drag race... when he captured the frightening scene. you can see the truck driver losing control... bouncing through a ud pit and over a barricade... before smashing into spectators.3 people were hit by the truck's 48-inch tires... and taken to a hospital wiih non- life-threatening injuries.the truck driver was not hurt.
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some newly-released emails... paint a shocking portrait of michael jackson... just months befooe his death.the emails... obtained by "the l-a times"... were written by a concerned promoter wwth "a-e-g"... the group financing jackson's "this is it" comeback tour. one promoter called jackson quote - "drunk and despondent" and "an emotiinally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt." the emails are expecttd to play a role in two lawsuits involving a-e-g. in repsonse... a-e-g says the emails are incomplete... nd released to portray the company n a negative light. 3 the 11 best days of summer are down to onee the maryland state fair concludes today, and joel d. smith is thhreenow to show us how to get the most out of the
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last day... rain or shine.good morning joel d. 3 a world record was set at the maryland state fair overrthe we. weekend.maryland's own "handy international seafood" achieved the guiiess worldd record for the world's largest crab cake... weighing in at 3-
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course you couldn't cook this crab cake without a custom madeedevice... with specific directions. 3
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it's a short work week for some of you. you.but how is the weather shaping up?your skywatch weather forecast is next. ((break 1))
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tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom. flash ffooding leaves several drivers stranded in d-c.this was the scene last night... as emergency crews responded to calls for help.luckily... no one was injured. injured.the flooding comes from rain brought in by remnants of tropical storm isaac... moving through our also prompted the transit stations.l metro - ((2-shot toss to weaaher)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3 3- a young baseball player... give me 5.all the way around the bases the handicap he's overcoming.. and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! what do we do when sat's hard , really wants to be painted? and how he came tt meet his baseball idol! we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface.
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what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get $5 off one gallon cans of our best paint, including behr ultra, now through september 5th. future and he wants tooplay
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baseball.but unlike most ballplayers, reece hollowayy only has one dr. sanjay gupta reports... reece isn't letting that top him. himm --reporter pkg-as follows -- nat sound at baseball game.he can hit, field the ball, even slide into home pllte. nat sound... gooo reece, give me 5. all the way around the bases six-yeer-old reece holloway wants to play in the big leagues ssme day, just like plays third base for the atlanta braves. but, when reece was born, his parents
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were shocked to discover that he didn't have left hand and baaeball was the furthest thing from their minds.they weren't sure if he'd learn to crawl without a second hand so they got him a prosthesis. but little reece didn't want it. he did learn tt crawl and remarkable happeeed. reece taught himself howwto hit aa ball when he was jjstttwo. he got plastic balls and he would hold them under his chin and drop it and swing thee at. and he would hit the baal, no problem. he's a natural, and he's been playing on a team since he wassjust 3-years-old. as far as the holloway's are concerned, reece doesn't have a disabilitt. i was born like that. and they try to never hold him back.. so far, they say, the only thing he caa't do is tie his shoes.. anything he wanted o do we let him try it. there was no saying no you can't do that becauss you only havv one hand. and his parents aren't the only ones rooting for reece. when chipper jones saw our story about him, he invited the little leagger and his family to see the braves play the marlins innatlanta.
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first came batting practice. nnts of practice.nice to meee you, reece .then autographs. there you go bro.and then, a private meeting with his hero. he signed my glove and my baal.he signed my bbnner, too. he was just squirming the whole timm.then it was time to play ball. nats sound... let'ssgo meant a lot to him.he'll remember this foo the rest of his life.after this experience reece is even more determined to follow in chipper's footsteps and make it to the big leagues.dr. 3----end-----cnn.script----- - not once but twice.beat the yankees single-handily how one oriole hero...from zero to next in sports. next in sports. sportt.from zero to the yankees not once but twice. ((break 3)) 3
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